• Lately, I’ve been totally drawn to the silver surfer stone it’s self, Hematite. Even though it’s splendid and beautiful, with it’s black silver polished surface, ever time I passed by it, not only the shine caught my eye, but it stuck out like a
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  • Hello, hello! THROWBACK THURSDAY IN THE HOUSE to the time Anthony and I flew to Washington DC to attend the most beautiful green wedding reception for my amazing cousin. Ok, it was actually in Virginia, but tomato-tomato. We wanted to make the
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  • Moving days are usually shit shows, but Anthony and I have been pretty damn lucky. Over the past 4 years, we’ve moved SEVEN TIMES!!! This move counts as our eighth, and to be honest, I didn’t really understand what a shitty move felt like. Until
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  • Hello beautiful people of the world! It’s been about 3 weeks into intermittent fasting, and after figuring out our macros, because we are trying to get hot & sexy (which is more of a feeling than a look) — before Coachella,
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  • Hello there family and friends! I’m baaaaacckkkkkkkkkk! I’ve fallen off of writing and traveling, and let me tell you, no more. Since I was young, I’ve always been dealing with on-and-off spouts of depression, leading me down
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The Gram

  • HOU gon slay #beychella aka #chillchella aka #hiphopchella ! Y'all I'm turning 30 in a little over a month and I'm feeling my 30 year old body, including all the changes it comes with. My 20s turned me into this insecure - awkward girl, but I can feel the shift of energy, thanks #coachellavibes
  • The best part about #Coachella for me, hands down, is the culture. Most people understand PLUR, but it's even more beautiful to watch.100,000+ STRANGERS (especially at the campsite) groove and move in a thousand different ways, not to mention helping one another out, giving and taking, and being so friendly to everyone around them. It's a small corner of world peace. I'm such a mushball for people being kind to one another #chillchella
  • Even the chella bathroom are buggy. Look at that lighting ❤💛💚💙💜 #tripchella #dayones
  • The desert can be a bitch, but at least that bitch is beautiful #everymansdream #coachella2018
  • This road trip is really making me consider van life. Waking up, seeing a new place when you feel like it, living simply, humbly, and in nature, has been a true breath of fresh air. Here's some jellyfish to that. Lol #travelmoreworryless #roatriptocoachella
  • Just met an incredible filmmaker who quit his job and is homeless, living off the kindness of people, for a new documentary. Beautiful vibes from this man and his brother, wishing y'all safe travels and the best of luck, @jasonmostexcellentvanadventure can't wait to see the finished work! #peopleyoumeet #roadtrippin
  • T-minus five days until our 2.5 week long #camping trip!!! Follow us on our journey and see if we kill each other or find #enlightenment 😂🏕🕉 #travelmoreworryless #iquitmyjobforthis
  • #TexasForever - We think we're the shit, only because we are 😂🌋🏜🏞🏕🦄

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