A bad day!

Moving days are usually shit shows,

but Anthony and I have been pretty damn lucky. Over the past 4 years, we’ve moved SEVEN TIMES!!! This move counts as our eighth, and to be honest, I didn’t really understand what a shitty move felt like. Until now. EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong. Literally everything (except the ride from Houston to Austin — which I thank the Universe for immensely; thank you sweet, sweet stars…). 

Long story short, we weren’t able to get keys like we’d expected and we were having a couch delivered. The entire car ride there, instead of thinking as everything was already taken care of, I stewed in stress of how things were going sideways.

We were waiting on the edge of our seats in the leasing office to either receive keys or turn away our brand new couch. My lovebug was getting frustrated, but never the less, tried his very best to show me how my frustrations were getting the best of me. That we didn’t need to sweat the small stuff. I just wanted to look at him and tell him all the ways things were going wrong and that it was entirely alright for me to be frustrated, but I didn’t…

Instead, we played a round of pool while we waited. We are both pretty terrible, so it was hilarious! Being in such a rotten mood, I found myself with a confidence for the game, like I understood exactly how to play. My first few shots were INCREDIBLE! We laughed so hard because we both could not fathom how some one as bad as me, could have gotten a few of these shots; one including a behind the back maneuver… WHHHHATTT?!! That’s right – I’m a badass. From there, with a little laughter and a bit of carefree attitude, everything started turning around.



Okay, that’s a damn lie. It didn’t. We got the keys just in time for the movers to meet us at our door with our couch, but the brand new couch was ripped on the arm. Then we went to take a bath (this bath has freaking jets, I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason I moved) and the bath faucet and shower weren’t dispensing water properly. One of those low pressure moments, you know what I’m talking about. We kept pushing and pulling at what we wanted, until finally I was so overwhelmed with the day, I just said fuck it, I’m done. I started organizing our new home. We put our ADORABLE door mat out, which is two llamas, that we’ve named



I made a clear intention in my mind, that we were going to turn everything around. We were in our brand new home together. We are in love, with the best families any two people could ask for, with money in the bank & food in our bellies. I wasn’t going to be upset about anything for one more second. So what if nothing seemed to go right, everything was actually falling into place, and that was more than we could EVER ask for. Closing my eyes, I reminded myself of these things and smiled with a huge thank you in mind.

Needless to say, everything finally did turn around. We got organized, we set the internet up, we braved our low pressured shower together, and laughed at the day. We cracked open a cold beer and put our feet up for the first time in 14 hours, and it felt good to just accomplish the day we had. So….



  1. Not to infringe on Nike, but just do it: once you get over it, it immediately starts to rise up and up
  2. Laugh at the silly stuff: if it seems as if nothing else can get worse, and then it does, well life is throwing you a practical joke and a good laugh is all it wants
  3. Set your intentions: to gratitude. Be thankful for pretty much ANYTHING you can image at that moment. Believe it our not, even at our worst, there are tons of things to still appreciate. For one, breathing.. It’s absolutely important in every day life, so start there.
  4. Do something you enjoy: I personally love decorating and nesting. As soon as I got in my element of setting our home up, I felt like all the bad that happened earlier in the day was lifetimes ago. Then when I looked around and saw how clean it was, it made me feel good, which in turn brought my frequency up.
  5. Take a low pressured shower: HA! I only mean this metaphorically. I don’t wish a low pressured shower on anyone. What I’m saying is, sometimes you have to get through the bad to come out of it… So face it head on. Don’t let things manifest into something bigger, just deal with it and keep it moving.


I’ll say, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a day like this. It’s a great reminder that life isn’t always going to be perfect, and that’s one of the beautiful things about it. You have to take the bad, to really truly appreciate the amazing.

*Sidebar: FUNNY — In my last tarot reading, I got the Tower card and HOLY GUACAMOLE that seems like the perfect insight for today’s fall. Generally speaking, this card can represent taking a fall, being in chaos, experiencing surprises, disrupted plans, emotional outbursts, and in turn being humbled, letting go, & having a burst of insight.  The cards man… the cards. They’ll tell you things, even if you aren’t ready to hear it.

But I digress. Comment below with your fave ways of getting over sucky days.

Cheers to a perfectly, unperfect day, and for tomorrow being another best-day-of-our-lives.





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