How this came to be…

Ever since I was young, I’ve always drifted towards the dark side (of thinking). My shadow-self was always here and I never wanted to face it. In grade school, I’d talk with specialists when my anxiety &/or depression got the best of me. Life seemed too hard to handle a lot of times, and upon many occasions, (I thought) didn’t want to be apart of it.


In my last year of studying Graphic Design, a classmate introduced me to the Law of Attraction. My whole life shifted. I started really understanding my shadow instead of denying it. With it, I was able, to be honest with myself, and start the road to happiness. It’s a continued journey, but I’ve manifested so much beauty into my life since that day almost six years ago. Since then, I’ve opened up my mind and reached for my spirituality, learning more and more about the worlds beyond ours.

Long story short…

Everyone is different, unique, and special, but I’ve always felt different in a way that was none of those things. I’m as social, as I am socially awkward. I have tendencies to be shy for no apparent reason, when in actuality I’m goofy and weird and fun, and freaking chill, and love things (& humanity) with an intense passion that would erupt a volcano.

Thank you for sharing my ride and I hope that it helps you in so many ways! Also, if you’re looking to get your life on track or open yourself up to understanding where you can improve your life, please see my services page on my shop! I’m here for you and only want to see all humans succeed in a positive light, reaching their desires and finding happiness!

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Where I’m going next!

Travel is such an important aspect of my life. Whether it’s a quick trip into nature, to get grounded, or a larger trip across the pond, traveling brings me instant positive energy!

When I travel, not only do I immerse myself in a culture other than my own, and expand my viewpoints (& literal horizons), I’m reminded how small each and every human being is. How small our problems really are in the wide world of things! It mostly reminds me how we are ALL in this crazy life together.

Traveling to next:

  • June: D.C. & Virginia

  • July: Switzerland

  • August: North Carolina


Want to know more or need someone to talk to??

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You are a beautiful energy of light!

I want to help you find your way to your greatest desires!


If you are looking to work together, I warn you I may not know how to react, but all-in-all I’d absolutely LOVE to collaborate with you!


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