How to Create A Positive Affirmation

Since high school, and especially in college, I was the hardest person on myself. Who am I kidding? I’m still extremely hard on myself, and I’m not exactly sure why. I’m the sweetest to my best friends, and then tear my own ass up about the exact same thing I was just telling them to understand… Do you do this ever?

Positive affirmations have played a huge part in falling in love with who I am. It’s taken me nearly 30 (!) years to see me for who I am, and I do believe reprogramming my mind and meditating has taken me exponentially farther than anything I’ve else I’ve tried.

So how do you come up with positive affirmations? Well, you can always try here first! Also, please feel free to request a specific affirmation in the comments or by contacting me, if you aren’t feeling the creative juices flowing. I’m here if you ever need anything! But if you are feeling like you want to create your very own affirmation, than I think that’s beautiful!

This is what Google has told me (I love you Google), and what I’ve adopted in my own practices:
  • Identify something you are being negative about (literally can be anything, no wrong answers)
  • Write it down or say it out loud*
  • Identify what you’d like to feel about this item
  • Create three or four (or less, whatever you feel) positive statements*
  • Put yourself in the affirmation!
  • Believe and feel that the affirmation is true*

That’s really it. Let me go into better description of the * items.

*Write it down or say it out loud:
  • I like to say it out loud, although when I first started my journey to a positive, abundant life, I did write EVERYTHING down. I have tons of gratitude journals filled with thanks and affirmations I wanted to work out. It’s your life and it’s your style, so there are no wrong answers. I do feel like when you are getting started, to really feel the affirmation, writing words down is so incredibly powerful. This goes for creation, but saying aloud one time or writing down something you want to improve is good to identify an area you want to turn around.
  • For instance, if I was feeling ugly, I might say, I don’t want to be ugly. Looking in the mirror at myself. To identify that this is a problem, and I’m going to change it. Or write it down and then tear it up, because your getting rid of the thoughts of being ugly. You are reprogramming what you think.
*Create three or four positive statements:
  • It can be less, it can be more, but preferably the amount you want is easy to remember. Especially if you decide not to write it out, and simply say aloud, you want to be able to remember what you are saying so you can use the affirmation as effectively as possible.
  • Make sure to be positive and not think about what you want or need, you must use an affirmation as if it’s already yours.
  • Also, be thankful for what you have already been given.
  • For example, returning to feeling ugly, my affirmation may be:
    • I am beautiful! I am unique and special. I am so grateful for my glowing skin, my shiny hair, but deep brown eyes, and all the health that plays into how gorgeous I am.
*Believe and feel that affirmation is true:
  • Feeling the affirmation is a very important factor in reprogramming your mind.
  • Using the ‘feeling ugly’ item:
    • Feel that you are gorgeous. Closing your eyes helps envision what you want. See yourself as a glowing beauty, where people are constantly commenting on how stunning you are. Feel how when you walk in a room, people look at you in awe because you are the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen IRL.
  • It may sound cheesy, but when I don’t necessarily FEEL an affirmation, I may add other gestures into it.
    • For instance, if I feel my hair is dull, I may close my eyes and touch my hair, imagining it silky and shiny, really focusing on that specific area and thanking the Universe for what I already have.

I know that you can do this and that you can turn your life around, starting with what you tell yourself. You must know that your mind can be harsh and tell you things to try and protect yourself from disappointment or hurt. Yet, you have the power to protect yourself with positivity.

You are an amazing being that can do anything you set your mind to!

Love & light,

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