Journey to your most authentic self

I’ve been dealing with so many emotions these past few weeks. Hands to God though, I’m so thankful that I’m no longer in a space where my emotions rule my decisions. With a little bit of emotional intelligence and mindfulness, I am thankfully able to process things in a realistic manner.

With that said, after doing a little shadow work (aka analyzing the darker side of myself) I’ve decided to go on a bit of journey this Cancerian season, to reconnect with my most authentic self. Will you join me?

If you’re on the fence, here are a few reasons why connecting to your authentic self is both therapeutic and beautiful.

  1. Finding confidence

  2. Embracing your light

  3. Loving your body

  4. Speaking your truth

  5. Opening up to receiving

  6. Learning to simply not give a f*ck


My own path has always been a funny one. As an empath, being able to feel everyone’s energy, and absorb it, I always wanted to dim my own light in order to let others shine, or at least not feel dull. For so many years, I’ve been the girl that everyone claims to be shy and awkward, and that’s just not the case. To be honest, it always offended me, and I defensively had to reassure them that in fact, I was not that shy or awkward. Okay — maybe awkward is the truth, but in reality, it’s because I rather others feel good about a situation than myself, because their vibrations radiate so deeply through me. I couldn’t process both their feelings and my own, so I’d only focus on theirs. Now at thirty, I’m to the point where that has affected my own relationships, happiness, and self-love. So no more, my friends! It’s time to get my power back and be true to myself.


So why should you find your authentic self and join the journey of self-discovery?

To find confidence

There are a ton of beautiful, radiant people that are completely confident in any stage of their lives and those are the types of people that I applaud. That is so wonderful, but it’s also something that we as humans, all deserve. That confidence in ourselves that we are the greatest asset of our life. To not feel the emotions of jealousy or envy, but we are so secure in our own lives that we don’t need to feel green because someone else has something we don’t. Confidence is key and connecting with your authentic self will bring that key straight home.


Embracing your light

So just like my story, dimming my light so that others can shine, well that’s no more. I am on a journey to find myself. I want to be happy and I want to allow that light of happiness to shine through me. I’ve found as I dim myself more, I open myself up to negativity and in turn lower my vibrations for others happiness. The problem with that is I (or you!) are the greatest treasure of your life. There is no one that can make you happy. External happiness is like the cherry on top of the ice cream, but you babe, are the ice cream. So shine bright like a diamond when you are truly yourself.


Loving your body

When you allow yourself to align with your most authentic self, your body issues, which to be clear we all have, start to become smaller and less significant. This is because your true self is able to be free and accepted. Once you accept and stay true to yourself, you’ve opened up an entirely judgment-free zone for yourself. Meaning that your body can be loved for what it is now. If there is something you want to change about it, now you have the means to step forward and figure out what needs to be done. Also, you’re not fixated on who you are, or worrying about if you’re saying or doing the “right” things, so you have more energy (& time) to move towards your goals.


Speaking your truth

So it is what it says. Speak your truth. Except while it’s simple, this one is a difficult one for me, because whilst I speak my truth (or at least attempt to), I still believe in being courteous and respectful to all other beings. Meaning, I may speak my truth and opinion if I see something I don’t feel is right if it’s hurting another, but if it’s not, I may not just speak up to be right or try and make a point in opposition of the other party. Only because while we speak our truth, which is important to stick to your guns, you must not let the ego run you. So if you’re only speaking up and speaking your truth to be right, think twice and make sure the ego is not running the show.


Open to receive

Being true to myself, I am open to receiving my desires, because life is more fun. I’m bringing more joy and happiness because being your authentic-self allows you to fall in love with yourself all over again. Once you allow the joy to enter you life is when all the things you’ve been manifesting start to be received more quickly. Once the Universe receives the message that you are having fun, loving your life, that’s when the things you want snap into place.


Learning to not give a f*ck

So again, before I go forward, I think to some degree you should always give a f*ck about people around you. Always to be courteous and respectful, but other than that, you’re not responsible for the next (unless maybe they’re your child lol!). Besides that though, being your authentic self-allows you to truly not give a f*ck about what others think. Being your authentic self is allowed others to judge and you not feeling that judgment in return. You are who you are and you’re perfect in that. Don’t let someone else make you feel you need to be something other than your true self, because you want to fit in or feel better about yourself. Learn to not give a f*ck, so the true authentic you can shine.



I know these basic points may seem easy for others, but I know for me, it’s not, and in my heart, living in 2018, I feel strongly that it’s hard for most as well. There is so much pressure in our modern day to be something or be nothing — or defining success for us in a way that maybe we don’t define success. Let’s keep it classy, keep it true, learn to not give a f*ck about what others think, and be the greatest version of ourselves.

This is my experiment for the next 30 days and I plan on seeing how I feel. Have I accepted myself in 30 days time, have I changed? Is there anything that I feel that’s positive or negative? These are the questions I’ll face then, but for now, I love you and wish you so much light & love, beautiful mystics.

Comment below if you’d like to join me, we can create some kind of correspondence, or where you feel you are on the journey of becoming your most authentic self!

Kiss, Kiss,

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