There are three things that’s helped my mind more than anything else…

Every friend I’ve ever helped go through a break-up or a harsh period of life, there has been two constant pieces of advice from me to them. Rewire your brain to think positively through affirmations and to write.

Now, not everyone is a writer and that’s fine, but for me, writing is the key to expressing feelings I may not be able to communicate aloud, as well as providing a creative outlet to blow off steam. Sometimes things seem so bleak, I can’t think in terms of ME, it’s simply too difficult to deal with. So instead, I turn to creative writing which allows me to represent my feelings in a completely different setting, character, etc.

It’s like screaming to release emotion, but quietly and more gently.

Please visit All the Chakras which is where I found this beautiful throat chakra symbol rendition.

Disclaimer: Working out is also an essential part of my well being, but I am not a Doctor of any sorts. I’m not a nutritionist, personal trainer, or a Reiki master. I only provide opinions, reviews, and information that has helped me. The things I write about are not to be seen as a cure for any type of ailment or disease. I only reference dis-ease, not to be confused with sicknesses of the body and mind. I have overcome anxiety and depression in a natural way, but would recommend seeing a trained professional for better understanding of what you may be dealing with. Mental illness and illness is nothing to be ashamed about. We are human beings, we have organs that are not made to work perfectly, forever. Treat yourself right and take care.

The Gram

  • HOU gon slay #beychella aka #chillchella aka #hiphopchella ! Y'all I'm turning 30 in a little over a month and I'm feeling my 30 year old body, including all the changes it comes with. My 20s turned me into this insecure - awkward girl, but I can feel the shift of energy, thanks #coachellavibes
  • The best part about #Coachella for me, hands down, is the culture. Most people understand PLUR, but it's even more beautiful to watch.100,000+ STRANGERS (especially at the campsite) groove and move in a thousand different ways, not to mention helping one another out, giving and taking, and being so friendly to everyone around them. It's a small corner of world peace. I'm such a mushball for people being kind to one another #chillchella
  • Even the chella bathroom are buggy. Look at that lighting ❤💛💚💙💜 #tripchella #dayones
  • The desert can be a bitch, but at least that bitch is beautiful #everymansdream #coachella2018
  • This road trip is really making me consider van life. Waking up, seeing a new place when you feel like it, living simply, humbly, and in nature, has been a true breath of fresh air. Here's some jellyfish to that. Lol #travelmoreworryless #roatriptocoachella
  • Just met an incredible filmmaker who quit his job and is homeless, living off the kindness of people, for a new documentary. Beautiful vibes from this man and his brother, wishing y'all safe travels and the best of luck, @jasonmostexcellentvanadventure can't wait to see the finished work! #peopleyoumeet #roadtrippin
  • T-minus five days until our 2.5 week long #camping trip!!! Follow us on our journey and see if we kill each other or find #enlightenment 😂🏕🕉 #travelmoreworryless #iquitmyjobforthis
  • #TexasForever - We think we're the shit, only because we are 😂🌋🏜🏞🏕🦄

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