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Hello, hello!

THROWBACK THURSDAY IN THE HOUSE to the time Anthony and I flew to Washington DC to attend the most beautiful green wedding reception for my amazing cousin. Ok, it was actually in Virginia, but tomato-tomato. We wanted to make the most out of being North East, so after the wedding & exploring DC for a day, we caught a bus and made our way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

If Europe & New York had a baby, it’d be Philly.

The architecture was so rich and ornate! Yet, it had that high frequency and buzzing vibration of New York that is so intriguing. We were able to walk around a lot of the time, which was nice, because Uber can get expensiiive. We visited the Morris Arboretum which was gorgeous. It was hotter than we had anticipated but the landscaping was really cool. They even have a human birds nest at the Tree Adventure & Out on a Limb exhibit.  To be frank, we are big kids so we were laughing and having a good ol’ time. However, I think this is a great stop if you had kiddos. It was a quick exhibit to get through, so it’s really up to what you like.

Next we hit up the Reading Terminal Market for lunch because, PHILLY CHEESESTEAKSSS! MAN-O-MAN, it truly was the best I’ve ever had. We also decided to indulge in some other yummy foods like mac and cheese and oreo cheesecake, because why the hell not? It’s good to occasionally treat yourself. My problem is that I treat myself once and it’s like the flood gate to hell — EVERYTHING FOR THE NEXT MONTH IS A TREAT-YO-SELF MOMENT! I’m working on self-discipline though. They say the first step is acceptance, lol!


We also walked around, got coffee and bacon doughnuts at La Colombe. Then caught an Uber to see the Liberty Bell. The greatest thing about sight-seeing is thinking how at one time the buildings you are standing in, didn’t stand, or that the people around you were completely occupied with something WAY different than looking at this monument. For instance here at the Liberty Bell, they were thinking of Independence. Using their own lives to fight for the future of others. ON THE DAILY, I have to remember to consider Anthony’s feelings, let alone a whole country’s future children and their livelihoods! It was extremely humbling to look at this bell with people buzzing around, looking at walls of historic facts, and try to understand how people back then lived their lives.


*Sidebar: I sometimes feel s0 oblivious to suffering, even though I act as if somethings are the MOST dramatic circumstance to ever happen on the face of the earth. For example, if I don’t eat at the exact moment I’m hungry – I’m hangry. I think what I’m trying to get at is, we are so fortunate to live in a world where food and water are so easily accessible to us. We can pretty much get anywhere in the world, within a days time, we have the internet to access information at the drop of a dime, I mean, we live just in a beautiful age even though little moments of bullshit can feel so huge and meaningful. I want to try and work on this more… Thanks bell. Anyyyyyyways…

We ended our quick day trip in Philly walking around until we found a pub. We had a couple of beers and in an attempt to be a good blogger, I completely forgot to take any photos to document. By the time I got to the computer to write this, the name of the cute little German place was totally lost on me. If you find a small hole in the wall that is a German establishment, well I wouldn’t know if that’s the same place, but I’d like to hunt for it again. They had good service, good food, and good beer. What else do you need?

I highly recommend Philly as your next US stop. It was beautiful, fun and I’d definitely go again to see all the other sites we missed out on!

Comment below with your favorite Philly destination so we can have (another) excuse to visit again!





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