In this section you’ll find what I’ve found that helps me through day-to-day anxiety spells, depression, and dealing with life in general. Life can be a tricky little bitch, but

when life hands me a bag of lemons, my spirituality helps me find crust to make lemon box pie.

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Spirituality is a very personal thing. It can come in all shapes and forms, from Religion to Universal Energy, to Believing in the Absence of these things. Whatever works for you, is what works for you, but the key is to find what you believe in; even if that means this is the one life you will lead, that there is nothing beyond this. It doesn’t really matter because at the end of it all, well, we don’t know what happens. We can only believe what we feel makes the most sense or what helps guide us through this life to be the best we can be.

Maybe you call it God or Allah or whatever else, but I call what I believe in, the Universe. I believe in energy and frequencies, because I can feel them with each living thing I come in contact with. Maybe you feel that chakras and crystal healing and vibrations and tarot readings are complete bullshit, and I wouldn’t judge you for it. Sometimes I can’t believe how magical it all is, it makes my eyes widen every time. However, for me, finding my own spirituality has raised my vibrations from so low to feeling nirvana.

Please visit All the Chakras which is where I found these beautiful crown & third eye chakra symbol renditions.

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