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Hello there family and friends!

I’m baaaaacckkkkkkkkkk!

I’ve fallen off of writing and traveling, and let me tell you, no more. Since I was young, I’ve always been dealing with on-and-off spouts of depression, leading me down rabbit holes where motivation does not exist. Recently, I’ve said enough of that shit. It’s tiresome. I’m ready to take action and take control of my life! I don’t want others lives to dictate the way I feel about my own. There is so much I want to do still, and if I give up now, well.. there you have it. The end.

So I quit my job as an Assistant Property Manager at this beautiful high-rise, smack dab in the heart of Houston, Texas. It was by far one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I love my team, I love the residents that resided there, and the pay was great — and even better, it was consistent.

I just found myself becoming more and more negative about things. Every time I would want to do something, I’d be too tired. To be quite honest, I’m already a flake, so being tired applied an excuse to my flakiness. This is something I’m trying very hard to work on.

Anyways, I always felt exhausted and drained. I was gaining weight, eating more junk food, working out less, and doing absolutely NO type of art (sad soul). Art to me, whether it be writing, painting, drawing, jewelry making — is a must! Otherwise my soul withers and my vibrations sit low. So I’ve taken the hugest risk of my life and have decided to become a modern gypsy.

Gypsy’s have such bad connotations around their name, but I just mean, traveling, going where the wind blows, and constantly moving. I want to see the world and experience other places than the one I’m in. While doing so, I’ve opened up an online store of my favorite things, The Periapt. Definitely check it out! I’ve also dedicated myself to writing more, making art, and meditation.

Not only have I been into meditation, but I’ve also been really getting into crystal healing. I’m sure most of you out there feel this is some type of voodoo magic, but really it’s probably because it is! Crystal healing, science may say, is more about the mind and switching on the specific attributes you need… But it’s truly helped raise my vibrations, overcome small spouts of anxiety, helped bring creativity and much more.

In the near future I have a few trips coming up and I am so excited! It’s been a true motivation to get back in shape, and BOY, am I totally out of it. My flexibility is shot, my cardio is slim, and my endurance is really lacking — but you can’t have day 100 without day 1.

Thank you for following my journey of wellness and travel!! This is the new and rebooted DOD. Please comment with what’s new with you, your next travel destination, or what you’ve been doing to stay motivated with your health.

Until next time,

Stephie Poo

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