White Sands Monument is a MUST!

Well, hello there!

April has been a COMPLETE blur. I thought that it’d be easy to blog on the go, but I have to say, these bloggers have their work cut out for them. They make it look effortless, and to be quite honest, it’s a A LOT of work. Kudos to all the bloggers, doing the damn thang! I’m on the road to figuring it out, but it’s not something you’re able to just wing.

For the most part, April consisted of being on the road. We did a beautiful 2 week road trip to Coachella, and the first stop on the list was WHITE SANDS NATIONAL MONUMENT in NEW MEXICO! 

Quick Review:
It’s a must! White Sands is absolutely stunning! The sand is not like beach sand, as you might think, it’s a much finer grain that almost resembles powdered sugar. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen thus far in the States. A road that leads you to the monument is just an average road, but it leads to the white sand dunes that grow in size as you go further into the monument. There you can sand board down the dunes like a slide, take fabulous pictures, or admire the view of sand as far as the eye can see.
WARNING: WALKING UP SAND DUNES IS A BITCH! Not an easy thing, but a little exercise never hurt nobody. Also, plan to get sandy and a little dirty! It’s good for you to be in contact with the earth, keep yourself grounded! You’ll feel amazing afterwards. If you are thinking about going or want to do a States trip, this is definitely a good one.  Friendly people, beautiful sites, and yummy food, what more could you want out of a quick trip?

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program… White Sands National Monument was a great experience over all. To be fair, New Mexico, in general, was a great place to stop in. We had the most delicious burgers at Hi-D-Ho Burgers (we stopped because I liked the name, LOL) . Seriously, I love activities and all, but food is my JAM. These burgers were THE BOMB dot COM! They were so fresh, that they do take a minute to get to your table, but well worth the wait.

Anthony and I were doing an extended lent at the time, where we gave up fried food and deserts, so we weren’t able to try the fries, but just looking at them had me drooling! They looked so good, we even vowed to come back again just to try them. LMAO!


We tried to keep our budget tight this trip. Eating out was NOT THE WAY TO DO THAT. If you are balling on a budget and want to be able to see the World/Country, I would HIGHLY recommend finding a way to make your own food; at least part of the time. We ate out the whole trip and spent a whopping $1800 over the course of 2.5 weeks. NO BUENO. That would be my ONLY “if we could go back and do it again” moment.

However, in an attempt to keep the trip expenses small, we did camp the whole way, when we weren’t staying with friends. We decided to try out KOA (Kampgrounds of America)! I’ll do a full post for KOA, because the experience is well worth the money, if you are okay with ”roughing it”.


All in all, it was the best possible way to start the trip. It really set the tone for the rest of the adventure.

What is your favorite activity in New Mexico? When we go to try the fries again, we need to know what else to see! Comment below!

With so much love (& so much sand),

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