How to be debt free

Dear Online Diary,

It’s sometimes so hard to be honest with yourself! Being honest with myself is on my list of abundance, and today was hard day for me on that check point. However, I made it through! I was honest and I didn’t die. No one else died. Not only am I alive, but I’m also one step closer to freedom. Freedom of debt. It’ll be a few years until I’m completely free – but cheers to the first step.

The honesty that I had to endure with myself today was that I’m in debt. Now, it hasn’t been uncommon for others to tell me “Oh, everyone is in debt!” but no, I’m in real did-it-to-myself-masochist-type-debt. There is really no one else to blame but myself. I didn’t even go about it the right way and buy beautiful Louboutin shoes. It’s debt from frivolous spending and flippant wants. I’ve literally had no respect for money and the things that I have. My gratitude has been 1/2 full when it comes to all the riches and materialistic things my life is already full of. To be quite honest, I’ve made so many excuses for myself. I want to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams and this is where I’ll have to start – in the negatives. That all changes today.

My attitude will be positive and so full of gratitude! Not only for the wealth I have but for the people who have always been there to support me. I will spend the next year completely disciplined on a budget. It’s my first time in 28 years to create a budget…. Whatttttt?! Why haven’t I been thinking this way all this time?? As I focus more and more on my budget and try to understand exactly what goes into it, my eyes open wider. I start to understand where I’ve gone wrong and how to fix the problem. Because I’m a frugal babe now, I’ve been using Google Sheets to create my budget. Here is an example of how I’ve laid it out, in case you also need help starting. I’ll be adding to it, so please check back for more information. Also – any feedback that you have is graciously welcomed!

My new budget has opened up my eyes immensley! It’s a way for me to be completely honest about what and where I’m spending my money. Like – I could seriously be saving some change! To be even further with my honesty,  before this spreadsheet I don’t even know where my money is going; probably to Chipotle and shaker bottles.

So I am starting 2017 early – but I’m also starting a completely new day in my financial world. Not only am I climbing out of the sink hole I’ve created but up towards the mountains and heading straight for the money moons. Granted, this is like a 10 year plan we are talking about, but we all have to start somewhere. My honesty trait is already propelling me into my year of abundance without me even realizing until I started writing. Honesty is, truly, the best policy.

Do you have a great way of budgeting? What have I forgotten? Indulge me with some honesty of yours you’ve been keeping in. Or even how I can better my own financial success through budgeting!

Signed with gratitude,


2 thoughts on “How to be debt free

  1. When I was 25 I read a book called “rich dad poor dad” and it completely changed my life around regarding finances. I had nothing and was in debt. I started budgeting and being super smart about what I spend my money on.

    Fast forward 12 years later, I have a net worth of over $450k and I own 7 rental properties. Keep doing what youre doing and its just a matter of time before you are set.

    Buy assets, not liabilities!


    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I have actually heard quite a few times about this book. I think it’s time I give it a go!!! That’s amazing what you’ve done for yourself. I’m striving for that kind of awesomeness.



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