Tips on Moving

Dear Online Diary,

It’s official. I am moved into my new apartment. After four moves in the past six months, I’ve dubbed myself, a professional mover. Lets be honest – I have major tips on moving.

The multi family industry (apartment rentals) is so interesting to me, but is the reason I move a lot. It’s kick started my love for real estate and being a home-maker. Not only do I love making my home nice, but to share that with someone else and watch them get settled in their new space, is so touching. I absolutely love helping people find and create their home. That’s why I’m studying for my real estate exam, which is coming up December 22nd! I’m so stoked and so nervous.

I got side tracked, as I often do, so let’s talk about my personal tips on moving. 


Let me elaborate on my tips on moving. They have helped me move four times in the past six months! 

  1. Measure, measure, measure. When you have your new layout – see it a few times. Measure walls and little nooks to really understand what you can fit and what you cannot. Envision what cozy feels like to you and how you can make the layout fit your needs best.
  2. Plan organizing systems. Figure out where you will store things. Do you need to create storage? Does your new layout have plenty, figure out how you will put things before you start the process. That way, on the day, you will know exactly how to unpack.
  3. Purge and purify! What do you really need to bring? Are you redecorating your new place? If so – keep the pieces you love and sell the rest. Not only are you purging and creating a whole new space, you are making a little side money too.
  4. Continue to purge and purify! This is so important, even down to your shoes and clothes. Have you not worn a pair of shoes or a piece of your wardrobe in at least six months? PURGE! The less you have to move, the easier it will be.
  5. Give yourself AT LEAST three days over lap from one place to another. This way, you aren’t rushing trying to clean one place while still moving your things. It’s ok to take your time, this is the second most stressful time in a persons life, #1 being divorce.
  6. Reuse your boxes – only buy 10 to 15 boxes. Because you’ve given yourself plenty of time to move, limit yourself on how many boxes you buy. I only buy ten and then pack and unpack as I go. Not only do I spend less money, but I am not cluttering my old/new place with boxes. Plus, forcing myself to unpack in a speedy manner. U-haul makes boxes to be reused.
  7. Label boxes! Labeling your boxes (or color code them by room) will enable you to more easily load and unload according to each room.
  8. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Because you’ve given yourself plenty of time to move, limit yourself on how many boxes you buy. I only buy 10 and then pack and unpack as I go. Not only do I spend less money, but I am not cluttering my old/new place with boxes.
  9. Use dishtowels instead of newspaper. When I pack my dishes I weave my dishtowels in between plates, bowls, and other breakable items. Less washing when you are unpacked and less stress on the pocketbook for something you are just going to throw away (like newspaper).
  10. When packing clothes, take them in sections (on the hanger) and put them in trash bags. Tie the hangers together with the ties of the trash bag. These are cheap garment bags that will hold nicely while moving. Simply take the bag off and hang your clothes!
  11. DON’T STRESS! If you take anything away from my moving tips, the biggest tip on moving! On m-day, something will probably go wrong. Meditate on the breath and go with the flow – stress is only created on moving day in your mind, because there are so many factors that can not be controlled. You are an amazing being that always has success that easily flows to them!

If you are in a position where you need to save money (^ hence these tips ^) I always suggest bribing at least two friends with their favorite meal or their favorite spirit. However, maybe you are doin-it-and-doin-it-and-doin-it-well, and you can afford to hire someone to pack and unpack everything for you. My suggestion here is to COMB yelp. Find a mover with the best reviews and stick with them. There are so many moving companies that really don’t care about your valuables or your time. After you find a great review on Yelp, take note on how great their customer service is over the phone when quoting you.

Moving is seriously one of the most stressful times in a persons life. These tips on moving, may seem basic, but they have worked wonders for me. Organizing before hand, is truly the best way to move. There are so many factors that are uncontrollable when picking up your whole life and transporting it somewhere else. However, I know that you are amazing and that this move will be a breeze – just like it was for me!

Photos of my new-cozy-sanctuary to come!

Waking up with gratitude in your new home: Thank you for my new home. I wake up every single day like, WOW! I love my place, I’m grateful to have a beautiful roof over my head, food in my fridge, water easily accessible to me, warmth when I need it, and AC when it’s too hot. I’m so thankful to have a place to rest my head and know I’m safe! I’m thankful to have all the amenities at my disposal so I can save money on a gym membership! THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!!! I have been given so much that words can not express my gratitude to live where I live.

Signed with gratitude,


There are no affiliate links, these are all my true opinions and techniques.

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