Goodnight Affirmation

Dear Online Diary,

Now that my move is practically 100% complete. (Photos to come, I’m so excited!) It’s been a while since I’ve felt really settled. I’m finally starting to figure out the things I want and what I need to focus on. My laser focus is set on high. Everyday has been more and more beautiful. It’s really pretty spectacular the way your point of view can really change the way your life unfolds on a day to day basis. For instance, I cut my finger making my salad tonight, but I only see how I’m here drinking good beer (Christmas Ale), sitting on my new free couch, watching The Secret on my television, after an extremely productive day at work. What more could I really ask for?

So it’s time to share my goodnight affirmation with you. Like my ‘Meditate on the Breath‘ post where I shared my Morning Mantra, I (of course!) have a nighttime mantra. The Morning Mantra really gets everything flowing in the morning. It creates this sense of positivity like the world is conquerable. Like.. like.. I already have everything I want – I just have to receive it. I love my Morning Mantra! Now – it’s time for the same kind of affirmation, but before bed to end the day.

Not just to express extreme gratitude, but my Goodnight Affirmation helps me sleep! My honey frequently suffers from minor insomnia, so we one night, when he was extremely frustrated I said, “let’s count our blessings aloud.” I told him to relax and to listen to my voice and feel extreme gratitude for each blessing. He was asleep before we could get through all the things we are thankful for. I cannot claim that this helps insomnia, but I know that one night that we tried it, it worked. Also, I know every night I fall peacefully asleep reciting these praises of the day.

My goodnight affirmation started with Pinterest, again. Man, I’m a Pinning fool. Pinterest is so much fun for me because I can easily do it during breaks at work or just waiting around. I love Pinterest – it’s my buddy. Such an amazing community of people sharing ideas to create our dream boards. Pretty much everything I do, starts with Pinterest one way or another.

Here is the Goodnight Affirmation I came up with:


This is just a small affirmation to share quickly with you, Diary. It varies slightly every night, but in all honesty, my Goodnight Affirmation sounds more like this:

Thank you so much for this beautiful day. Thank you for relaxing now, resting my body and mind, easily falling asleep, and waking up tomorrow with so much energy. I am so deeply grateful for my success and accomplishments today. Thank you for all the laughter and happiness that made today go by so quickly and created so much fun. I am so blessed to have all the health that allows me to wake up and experience my life every single day. Thank you for my legs to keep me moving easily. Thank you for my hands and arms that make life so easy. Thank you for my beautiful brain and strong heart that keep my life energy flowing. Thank you for the money that flowed easily to me through known and unknown sources. Thank you for the money that paid for my food, that gave me easy access to water. Thank you for the money that paid for my beautiful apartment, to lay my head down now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my body, my beauty, my intelligence, and abundance that fills me up with love for myself and for everyone around me. I am so blessed for all the love that I received today. Thank you for my amazing love, who is my best friend and my partner. Thank you for my family that loves me and supports me through everything. Thank you for the air that I breathe, thank you, thank you, thank you for resting now into a deep, amazing sleep, and having the best day of my life tomorrow. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I feel this too. It’s not just words to me – it’s an actuality. This life is beautiful, my perspective is to be free of judgement and enjoy the things happening and the people around me. I want to be the beautiful moment in peoples lives and I am thankful for any moment I can create like that for someone else.

Ha, wow, getting off on another tangent. Funny how my mind jumps from here to there, to everywhere.

It’s time for bed now. It’s time to brush my teeth and lay down to rest. Do you have your own affirmation that you follow before bedtime? Do you feel your own goodnight affirmation that finishes the day perfectly – with great amounts of gratitude? I’d love to hear your own affirmations or mantras. To care is to share & I’m always looking for inspiration from an amazing person like you. Sweet dreams.

Signed with gratitude,


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