Staying Focused

Dear Online Diary,

I have a real problem and I’m ready to admit it. I have a hard time staying focused.  I don’t know what it is about staying focused, but distraction finds me so easily. For example, I’ll be completely gung-ho to start something, feeling a passion inside of me that pulls me in a certain direction. Inspiration hitting me and helping me (want) to form new habits or ideas. Then, after a few months (or a few weeks, or even a few days), I’m hit with another wave of brilliance and I start going after that light bulb. Leaving the previous idea in the dust, and completely forgetting about how passionate I was for a moment on that prior want.

So I’ve realized I needs tips on how to stay focused. I’m not sure if anything will work. Maybe I’m a down right ADHD baby, but I’ve never been diagnosed for it or taken any medicine. Not that I would want to taken medicine just for the hell of it, on a daily basis, to cure my “staying focused.” Even though I may be a hater sometimes, if you need it, than do you boo – I’m not hating. I just have such a hard time believing that pharmaceutical medicine is the answer for some things. Even in my deepest depressions and roughest anxieties, I refuse to take medicine, even on days that I’m not sure how I’ll make it. I feel it makes me stronger to feel what I’m feeling, and continue on the path of gratitude and abundance.

Staying focused is so hard for me to do. Did you notice that little tangent I got off on? That’s something I constantly need to start reminding myself about, every. single. day.

“Stay focused girl, you got this!”

There are certain things I am so excited for, that I know will come easily to me with hard work and time. I guess I have you for that, Online Diary, to keep me on track. You’re here to document and share how everything plays out. Thank you for putting me in a situation that will constantly remind me to look forward and keep steady.

(On a side note, I want to learn how to draw floor plans, I think I’d really like that. See? Where’d that come from? Lol)


These are some things I’m going to try every single day, to become more focused.

  1. Waking up earlier: working out in the morning, using time more efficiently during the day, being a one minute manager to get things done

  2. Remember What to Focus On: Looking at what I want every single morning or evening, and simply remembering what my goals are until they are achieved

  3. Gratitude: Being thankful every morning and evening for the things I have and easily achieving the goals I’m now laser focused on

  4. Make Good on Promises: Making promises and then making sure to keep my word (for example, my debt goal, paying things off according to my budget plan I’ve set)

  5. Study/Read More: Read and research more about the goals I want to achieve

  6. Simple Planner (3 top things): Only putting in my planner the top three goals for the day and than achieving all three every, single, day

  7. Find an Extracurricular Activity: Participating in one hobby, once a week. Preferably a hobby that aligns with my goals

  8. Exercise (x 3/week): at least working out three times a week, but as hard as possible, and continuing to eat foods that are grown, not processed

  9. Tidy Up: every day tidying up a little bit around the house, so there’s never a big mess to clean up, always having a clean space

  10. Touch Small Goals: achieving the three simple things every day, and reach smaller goals, to maintain my focus on the larger picture (see below)


My small goals that I really want to make into habits are:

-Passing my Real Estate Exam

-Touching my Budget Every Single Day

-Paying Back the Maximum Amount on Debt Every Paycheck

-Writing or Reading at Least 3x a Week

-Finding an Extracurricular Activity for 1 Day a Week

-Exercise at least 3x a week

-Waking Up Earlier, Cooking at Home Every Night, Tidying Up Every Day

-Simple Planning – Top 3 List Everyday

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this revelation! The whole world literally went zooooooomf – and it was clear how unfocused I’ve become even after only a couple of weeks. Moving into my beautiful new home made me feel so grateful and at ease to have my own space again. While it’s perfection in every way, it also made me feel a little bit like I have it so good, I don’t need anything else. Now – I do have it good, and going up from here is going to be mind blowing, but I still have things I want to accomplish. That’s the hard part about having the Universe move everything so easily for you. It becomes easier to settle for what I’m being given on a regular basis. I strongly believe we all have to work hard to obtain what we want and the Universe simple moves like chess pieces, making sure that I’m ‘checking mate’ for the things I want. My focus is coming together, laser sharp, I will be staying focused from here on out.

These are a little bit abstract, not tips necessarily on how to stay more focused. I think more so, they are tips on how to continue staying focused towards what you want. Do you have other ideas that help you focus more easily? I’m struggling in this department and a lot of times unknowingly. Comment and let me know what you do, any kind of feedback would help a sister out a lot.

Signed with Gratitude,



4 thoughts on “Staying Focused

  1. This is a good list of thoughts to start with. I think the next step is to put a daily schedule for the week together so that you know exactly what you need to execute for that day in order to ultimately achieve your goals. Be realistic and honest to yourself when setting up this schedule. You also need to figure out how many unplanned activities you will allow to interject into your daily plans / schedule without negatively impact your daily goals. For example, let’s say you want to get up at 7am to start your next day with exercise; so, you should ask yourself if your body can handle the lack of sleep for the next day because you want to stay up late the night before? Net is IMHO, always plan (preferably written down) and prioritize your daily tasks towards your goals before you allow yourself to do anything else. Write down the the list of items for the day. Put a star for the ‘must do’ items to accomplish for the day. Every 2 hours Review & Cross out the achieved ‘must’ do items. If they are not done then bubble up those items in priority and handle them right away. (No procrastinate! Follow the One minute manager approach!) At night do a 10 mins retrospective & review the actual vs what your planned activities and Repriortize the tasks in written form again for the next day. I think with the daily written list & constant reminding yourself by reviewing the list will help you stay focused!


  2. The Miracle Morning is a book you might like.
    Keep up the good work!
    You might try using a personal kanban board. It helps you keep track of your tasks and priorities.


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