Happy New Year

Dear Online Diary,

Day one of 2017 down and things are aligning perfectly for 2017! I’m only hoping you are feeling the exact same way! Happy New Year!

2017 is going to be a life changing year. Have you ever felt energy around you that was constantly inspiring and constantly flowing easily to you?! THAT’S ABUNDANCE! I can actually feel it vibrating around me.

Great things are on the horizon and I’m walking straight towards the heavenly sunrise. I can’t believe all the things that are coming to me so easily. I am so truly grateful from the bottom. of. my. heart.

Can I tell you that I once believed aligning the things you want, seemed hard. However, with all the mantras that I’ve been using, (my morning and evening mantra) seems to have kicked off something so easy & fabulous. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

Welcome to the easy life, my friend.

So —- call me a super cliche babe, but I LOVE to create new year resolutions. The reason I like to do this is not because I’m thinking new-year-new-me, but because it’s easy for me to measure the change that happens after 365 days. After 2016 and literally killing the goals I set, I’m only motivated further.

2017 Goals:

  • Working out harder (& in the morning!)

  • Paying off my debt aggressively

  • Writing (much, much) more

  • Reading more

  • Sell real estate

  • See new sites

This is all in addition to giving gratitude daily and my starting-2017-early-list.

What are your own goals? Comment below so we can talk about the greatness that is about to be achieved.

The rest is of this entry is a little photo diary on how amazing 2016 was. My best friends got engaged, I traveled and saw new sites, Pokemon Go came out, my boyfriend treated me like a princess, and I passed my real estate exam. Even though there were some very intense downs, if you flip the switch of unhappiness, and force yourself to perceive your reality positively, life can be your dream. It’s only been two months since I started writing about it, and the effects have been unwavering.


Wishing to you and your loved ones: so much happiness your cheeks hurt from smiling, so much love that your heart is completely bursts with giving love to others, so much prosperity and wealth that you give it to those with less, and that all your 2017 goals are achieved effortlessly and with complete joy.

Cheers to 2017!!

Signed with gratitude,

Stephie ♥



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