Chill Out

Dear Online Diary,

Do you ever have those days where you just need to chill out? If you haven’t taken a chill pill lately, you should my friend. I swear, I feel as if I’ve been going about a million miles an hour. Leaving me feeling tired and worn down. Today, I just needed to chill out.


There was a little hiccup with my Real Estate License. There was a form that I hadn’t sent in properly, and to complete it, there were a few steps I had to take (meaning a couple of days – when I thought it was done & done). Instead of completely freaking out (I did have a 15 minute freak), I took the necessary steps I needed, and then, I stopped my mini anxiety attack. It’s impossible to control every little thing, so in honor of The Beatles, I let it be.

Instead, I took my happy-ass outside into the fresh air. Being outside is good for us and I find myself spending less and less time getting to enjoy it. My chill out, letting-it-be moment was so amazing. It took my mind off of everything and I enjoyed the day with my cousin, Elodie. She is so creative and being around her inspired me to do more.


And to think, all I had to do was tell myself, “Chill out.” Elodie took me around Rice University for my first time. We got coffee, walked around, had a leaves fight (lol), acted like teenage girls – talking about boys. It was so simple in comparison to my day-to-day life. I was able to look at the world through easy-going-glasses. Everything was beautiful even though the sun wasn’t out, and the weather was perfect even though it was a bit chilly. After our afternoon, I felt not only inspired and motivated from her energy, but also renewed. I know I can go into my day job tomorrow and GET. SHIT. DONE.

After my chill out session:

  • I am more relaxed

  • I am thinking more rationally

  • I am happier

  • I am inspired

  • I am motivated to hustle harder


We get so tangled up in our lives. I mean, life can be hard. I can’t deny, at times I think, SHIT – this is rough. It’s continuing to have a positive mindset that really shapes my reality. What you put out, you will receive. The hardest part is: being cognizant of everything we are putting out. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do, and chill out. Reset your attitude.

Now that I’ve had a care-free day with someone that I love to be around, I’m sitting on this comfy couch. I’m sipping green tea out of my favorite teacup, about to curl up and read. Tomorrow, I’ll be on it – tomorrow, I’ll be the tiger I’m trying to be, but tonight, tonight I’ll chill out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my sweet new bed to rest my head (sleepin’ like a king now)! Thank you, thank you, thank you for my beautiful apartment I feel so safe in. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being surrounded by inspiring and motivating people.

Comment with your own chill-out-routine!

Signed with gratitude,



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