You’re Perfect

Dear Online Diary,

Baby, you’re perfect! The fact that you’re absolutely not perfect, is the very reason I think you are. We are human! I have flaws, you have flaws, we all have flaws-flaws. Yet, when we work together, we have the ability to create something so much bigger than just ourselves. It’s so admirable that we can all come together for greatness, because we must protect our own while trying to figure out our own journey. This life that brings us each through very unique experiences and view points.


Disclaimer: this isn’t a political post, it’s a love post. We are deep in 2017 now and Donald Trump is officially our President. I must say it’s brought out a beautiful side of a lot of people in this otherwise, not-funny-yet-comical-because-how-is-this-real-life-insanity. It’s amazing to see what we can do as the people, when we come together.

(While, I was unable to attend due to work) The Women’s March on Washington was a site to be seen, even from afar. I receive(d) so much joy witnessing such a moment, where society has stood together – with strangers, with differences, with supreme love and all, for the greater good of woman and minorities and BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!

These following photos were taken by two amazing people who truly believe in the bettering our future. Thank you both, and all, for standing up for our rights and our freedoms.


Women’s March – LA | Photo by Jordan Jimenez
diego_marchWomen’s March – Austin | Photo by Diego Chacon
diego_formationWomen’s March – Austin | Photo by Diego Chacon
jordan_march-2Women’s March – LA | Photo by Jordan Jimenez

If you weren’t able to attend, like moi, you can still participate! This is a momentum to be continued indefinitely. Be apart of something so full of love with 10 Actions / 100 Days. The Women’s March on Washington is a non-violent movement, which makes this thing even more admirable.

No matter what you look like, or what makes you, you… as long as it doesn’t hurt another human being in the process, you are the most perfect thing walking this earth. Some may try to tear you down, or tell you differently, but since they haven’t figured it out already:


Anyone that tries to take our basic rights away from us, saddens me. They have grown up, and experienced things, that have taught them that love is not the answer to all wonderful things. When in fact,  love is indeed the fastest way to happiness, joy, energy, and all around extreme abundance. There are some that may read this and think, “That’s just an excuse for people to behave badly…” But it’s truly not. We cannot change ones experiences, we can only help educate with loving intentions. One will not change if they do not want to. The ego is a magical and terrible thing. For a lot, egos blind them into doing things that are not out of love, not out of rationality for other human beings. Give us the freedom of choice. Give us the freedom to be who we were born to be. My love mantra to you – on the other side of the street,

“Even though I don’t agree with you, I love you, because you are also another human being figuring out this life.

I will continue to fight for what is right and owed to us at birth, while you try to take it away. Know in the depth of your heart, you can postpone equality with hate, but equality will come with the future.

I have the uncanny ability to love through hate. To give unconditional love, in-spite of everything!

I wish you extreme happiness in your black & white world, while my colored life flows with beauty & abundance!

I wish this to all the people I don’t agree with. Otherwise, I feel I’m no better than those who wish to push me backwards.

We deserve equality and it’s only a matter of time before it happens. These next four years may test us, but the future is coming! The people are coming together and realizing the greatness that comes from joining hands.


I love your perfect ass.

Comment and follow so we can be perfect-friends together!

Thank you for the well being of all that attended the march. Thank you for the amazing women and men that believe in us. Thank you for so much love and abundance and joy, surrounding me constantly, being received 10 fold. Thank you for us all receiving such a bright and beautiful future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Signed with gratitude,


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