The Free is Freeing

Dear Online Diary,

Houston was lit up for Super Bowl LI Weekend. When I say lit up, I mean, I saw so many fireworks from Thursday to Sunday – it was amazing. Glittering skies all around.

Seriously, while I’ve been homesick to my bones for Austin, I feel so blessed to live in such a badass city. Lately I haven’t felt so free in my life, almost a little confined even, but this weekend, I felt free as a bird.


I’m a more low-key-kinda-gal, so I kept to the dive bars and little areas around the city. I did try going to the NFL experience twice and both times, didn’t make it because of how packed it was. I even tried to go to the Gary Clark Jr. & ZZ Top concert, and had to enjoy it street side because they stopped letting people in.

There I was, sitting on a construction barricade. Listening to live music, breathing in the city life, looking at the beautiful-grandoise cityscape in front of me, with the wonderful buzz of life around me – I’d have to say life is good.

I’m a girl that loves the glitters, but the free is freeing.

I wore my Isabel Marant, backless, camouflage sweater (ALL CAMO EVERY-THANG), black ripped Frame jeans with my leather Converse. To top it all off, my favorite little Marc Jacobs back pack! I swear that little back pack is a life saver. I can carry it like a purse or wear it on my back! Plus, it is deceiving, it’s small enough that it never gets in the way, but I was able to carry around my Vince paper leather jacket in it, just in case temperatures dropped. Let me tell you, I was actually hot on a chilly night!


If I could choose only a few designers to dress head-to-toe in, Isabel Marant would be WAYYYYYYYY up on that list. I feel as if all her designs drape perfectly on your body. She also just has a MAJOR way with details. That beautiful genius!

The back of this sweater, ties in two places, perfectly covering bra straps – and still lays in the front for a slimming effect. Whhhhaaattt?! I seriously feel so free in a backless, slimming, camo, wool sweater on a cold night!





Check out those two different colored socks. Oh yeah! That’s how I live, just right on the edge baby. HAHAHA! Also, Superwoman and me y’all: love is love is love.

Let’s embrace more love.

As the sticker above says, “Love Life Be Free.”

Hope you are finding your freedom today or working towards it.

What makes you feel free? Comment below and follow for more love!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the ability to live in such a gorgeous metropolitan. Thank you, for the chance to meet all walks of life, thank you for the chance to live somewhere all the things are happening in! I’m so grateful from the bottom of my heart for every single experience leading me to my dream life!

Signed with gratitude,


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