Make a Bad Day, Good

Dear Online Diary,

Everyday I wake up and immediately think to myself,

“Thank you for another day to be alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful things going for me.”

Sometimes I fall back asleep and drift between gratitude and dreams. Other times I get up, make myself a coffee, and physically write down all the things I’m grateful for.

In The Secret, Rhonda Byrne talks about giving off gratitude and truly feeling it. In my minds eye, I envision a wave of energy enveloping me and pushing off of me, into the world, to gather the things I want to receive. It sounds funny to say out-loud, but it’s the truth.


This can be quite difficult when I’m having a bad day or experiencing negative emotions. When I’m feeling down, or something hasn’t gone the way I’d have liked, I quickly think to myself –

“IT’S OKAY! Don’t freak out, the Universe is diverting your path for something better. Better is coming. Better is about to be received.

This is a miracle in disguise.”

Now – I’m the type of girl who has been known to shut the fuck down when things don’t go my way (I’m spoiled). I develop this evil stare that can pierce through people, and my energy grows dark, like a fuming green fire – that is hot and consuming – raging off of my skin, I, alone, can make the atmosphere thick. Staring, pursed lips, quiet, and if I do speak, it’s only to stab you where it hurts. People don’t like to be around that. Go figure.


It doesn’t happen a lot to where something really makes me this upset, BUT, bad days happen – I am only human – and when they do, I work very hard to keep my shit together. To only think positively, to see the good in what may look very grey; you know, silver linings and all.


For example, I work in property management, and I receive a great discount as a perk. Now the IRS is cracking down and for the second time living on-site a property I work at, my discount is being lost to taxes. Oh, taxes! The first time this happened, I was LIVID. I was un-understanding, irrational, entitled. I went through two moves within a span of six months – my mind & body were drained. I felt defeated.

It’s happening again. This time after only 3 months, but I see it very differently. I see it as, something great is about to happen and the Universe is shifting my life, to align with absolute greatness. I have to put in a little bit of extra work, a little bit of extra money, but something AMAZING is about to pop! Even though it looks grey now, I know I’m about to receive a freaking RAINBOW!



I can feel it, even though it hasn’t happened yet. That’s what good energy does though: it breeds more good energy. Gratitude is a very real thing, that will give you everything you have ever wanted and then some.

This experiment is amazing.

Comment below with what you are grateful for today.

I know, I’m grateful for you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything bringing me to my dream life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for receiving so much abundance in all sectors of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for love, family, wealth, and health.

Signed with gratitude,


4 thoughts on “Make a Bad Day, Good

  1. Love your positive outlook on things! This post serves as a reminder to me and thank you so much for it! I totally have so much to be grateful for but I’ve been a little down lately, but about things that are so insignificant when you look at it on a bigger scale. I have a great job in the tech field, I have some AMAZING friends, and I recently started a band with some of the most talented individuals that all crossed paths at the same time on this weird journey we call life. It’s only right that I focus on these things instead of harping on insignificant things that don’t go my way lol (I must be spoiled) haha! Thanks again.


    1. I think it’s quite easy to get swept up in everything and focusing on what you don’t have vs. what you do. I’m glad this post helped remind you of that! I don’t think you’re spoiled, I think you are human. tee hee! Thank you for reading and your support.


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