Thankful Thursday – Being Alive

Dear Online Diary,

I AM SO THANKFUL TO BE ALIVE TODAY! To be writing this living love letter to you on my thankful Thursday. Today is so beautiful and with the patio door cracked, I can hear people driving by and kids laughing as they run around. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for my life and my health that gives me an abundance of life.

I’m going to start a new segment called Thankful Thursday! It’s going to be Soul Food writing. I’ve found myself really not giving enough attention to the things that I should be grateful for, but rather focusing on the things that I’m not grateful for. It seems as if stress has been catching up with me lately. Work is stressful, life is stressful, my mind is following suite and feeling weighed down. However, today is a new day! There is no reason to give in to any type of stress – starting….. NOW!



If you don’t follow The Universe Talks, you should, because The Universe shows up when you need it; every time. Just like these little notes you will start receiving, TUT, shows up exactly when you need that teensy bit of energy. For example, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and disappointed, and to-make-matters-worse: giving into that suffering (which only breeds more suffering).

My note from the Universe came in today and here’s what it said:


And just when I needed it, BOOM! EUREKA! It’s true, but oh-so hard to remember at times. When things get choppy, it’s because better is coming. Apparently, from this note – WILDLY better. Which has inspired me to be extremely grateful for everything, and send those positive vibes out.

What I’m most thankful for today is just being alive. I was in the ER the other day, because I clumsily slit my arm open on a broken dish (it’s okay to laugh – I have been). There were so many people in there that were really down and out. One woman in a wheelchair was talking loudly about how she’s always in the ER, that she never drinks or smokes, that money is so tight and life has handed her difficult cards. There was a man who refused further treatment, while blood gushed from his right ear. As he demanded his brother to take off his neck brace, and tried to stand up in agonizing pain, the doctors rushed to his aid – PLEADING him to reconsider. Telling him over and over the consequences of his actions were paralyzation or death. Yet, he walked right out the door. Lastly, seeing a woman of oversized proportions, seizing during a stroke. Seeing every single medical professional, calmly but swiftly do everything they could to save her. I watched her son, teary-eyed and helpless, stumble on his words to explain the evening’s details.


When it all hit me, man I am so much in my life. So much – that I live an EXTREMELY comfortable life, in great health. It’s hard to know what will happen during the day. You never know when a huge accidentally might occur! And we cannot put feelings into that thought, and let it manifest, we simply go about our day and wish for the best.

I’ve never been in an ER for myself before. For almost 29 years, I’ve lived a life, where I never hurt myself enough to have a professional fix me up. The one time I need it, is me being me, clumsy. Washing dishes like normal, dropping one, and slicing my arm. I am so grateful that it didn’t hit the artery that controls motor functions. I am so deeply fortunate that it was barely anything at all. I am so absolutely thankful that my boyfriend was standing right there, to help me through the entire ordeal. I’m am so utterly thankful from the bottom of my heart that I am healthy enough for this to heal quickly.



For every single drop of blood that rushes to every organ, that continues to process perfectly, thank you. For every brain wave and heart beat, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for being alive.

Thank you for everything happening exactly the way it’s supposed to, and receiving my WILDEST dreams!

I love you dearly.

Signed with gratitude,



Photo cred & styling to my girl Elodie!
Outfit: Handmade blouse, Christian Louboutin Pumps, Levis Denim, Saint Laurent, Kendra Scott

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