Love thy Neighbor

Dear Online Diary,

Can you honestly tell yourself that you love thy neighbor? Really think hard too. There are so many times when we are hurt or dealing with things in our own life that it’s hard to imagine putting ourselves in another persons shoes.


With Hurricane Harvey hitting last week, and the city of Houston basically being shut down, I find my mind wondering how others must feel right now.

I’ve always felt extremely blessed to live in the Central ”loop” of Houston. More than ever, I feel grateful for where I live. Personally, I was not effected by the storm. I played Connect 4 whilst drinking numerous bottles of wine (when stuck in Rome)…



Yeah, I saw a lot of rain but come Monday – I was driving to work and twerking it to make sure our high-rise had extra hands. Driving to and from work was a breeze. Helping to gather donations from residents, while watching the devastating aftermath of something so natural and unstoppable, broke my heart.

But it was healed again. Because materialistic things are TEMPORARY. Love and action took place from everyone I know, and then some; strangers near & far.

The people have SHOWN that loving thy neighbor gets shit done.

There has been so much movement. People haven’t sat around. We haven’t waited for someone to take care of us, because everyone got up and LOVED strong, and LOVED hard, and got shit taken care of. Everyone has put aside differences and opinions, and have focused on the greater good for humans that are suffering.

Why must it take a DISASTER to set aside our differences and just love thy neighbor, because the HUMAN RACE is in need.

Open your mind. Breathe. Listen. We are all in this together, whether you want to accept that thought today or tomorrow.

Can’t we love one another for peace? Can’t we see that the biggest disaster in the world would be to continue to ignore the simple fact that HUMANS are the one (true) race…? Nothing else matters in this life but love. Houston, Port A, Corpus, LA, Florida, Mass, NY, ALL THE PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT PLACES THAT HAVE COME TO SAVE US – has been a true testimony to this thought. Through LOVE we are getting it together, we are saving lives; even when people are at their worst.. We are coming together.

Let’s hold on to this.

Let’s keep loving thy neighbor. Not because we always agree with their opinions or because we understand their sexuality, culture, religion… But because we never know the situation or life someone is truly living.

So many of us struggle to stay afloat in life, and then, through our subconscious thought – our opinions and views are shaped through this witnessing of experiences.  Can we not blame people for their situation and instead, just be there for them? We don’t always need a boat, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t drowning.

Love thy neighbor, not just today, not just tomorrow and yesterday… but ALL the time. The greatest thing in life is to love. Even when it’s hard, love will bring you the greatest abundance of all. The question is, are you ready to receive?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love in my life. The wealth, the health, the success, and safety that I have received so immensely. Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet Universe for your everlasting gifts of family and friends. Thank you for everything in my life that I have and every single person that touches my life. Thank you for bringing us together, for showing us togetherness can be the greatest blessing.

Signed with gratitude & love,


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