You Better Work(out)

Dear Online Diary, Queen – you better work(out)! Ya’ll! I’m back on my workout grind! The motivation has finally hit me and I couldn’t be MORE ecstatic. That down period when you really just do NOT want to go to the gym – is a struggle. However, I’ve finally found my stride! Here are 5 […]

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Happy New Year

Dear Online Diary, Day one of 2017 down and things are aligning perfectly for 2017! I’m only hoping you are feeling the exact same way! Happy New Year! 2017 is going to be a life changing year. Have you ever felt energy around you that was constantly inspiring and constantly flowing easily to you?! THAT’S […]

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The Habit of Working Out

Dear Online Diary, Every excuse in the book, I’ve used, for all the reasons why I can’t go to the gym. This time last year, I was in straight beast mode. The habit of working out I was in, was legit. Literally squatting more than I ever thought I could, while working with a personal […]

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I’m starting 2017 early.

Dear Online Diary, I’m going to try something new. Happy New Year! I’m starting 2017 early, by jumping off the deep end into abundance. Instead of overthinking the well thought out, I’m going to take the leap and be grateful and faithful for the things I’m about to (& have already) received. After this amazing year of ups and […]

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